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When asked if Derek has ever had the urge to give Stiles the bite Hoechlin replied “what kind of bite are you talking about here” with a suggestive eyebrow wiggle.

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Max, Charlie, Dylan and Tyler in the back of Jeff’s interview. (x)

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  • interviewer: ?
  • hoechlin: stiles
  • hoechlin: i'm gonna have to say stiles
  • hoechlin: favorite character is stiles
  • hoechlin: favorite human is stiles
  • hoechlin: favorite person? stiles
  • hoechlin: derek and stiles, the unfortunate duo, which we'll hopefully be seeing more of
  • hoechlin: and dylan o'brien, who plays stiles
  • hoechlin: he's a very funny man
  • hoechlin: yes and also we have stiles
  • hoechlin: and we have comedy- stiles
  • hoechlin: my favorite scene to shoot was the one where derek and stiles
  • hoechlin: like the scenes with stiles and his father, which are the most touching, or dealing with stiles' mom
  • hoechlin: stiles. he makes me laugh every time. every time
  • hoechlin: we have a lot of fun together, that's all i'm gonna say
  • hoechlin: if i could have a spinoff show? house of hale with peter and stiles
  • hoechlin: if i had to be another character? i would be stiles
  • hoechlin: i love stiles, derek loves stiles
  • hoechlin: most like their character?
  • hoechlin: hmm
  • holland: dylan
  • hoechlin: yeah definitely dylan

"Hulk Smash" (x)

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You’re here to protect me?
Well, I’m in trouble then.

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Tyler Hoechlin dancing at the Hollywood Knights basketball game  | 2.9.13

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